Welcome to W4 Ranch

The original ranch, consisting of 1000 acres which border Lake Whitney, was purchased by James Walker in 1961. Today, the ranch consists of over 12,000 acres and is actively operated by family owners, James, Joe, and Joey Walker, with the help of Ranch Manager, Jeff Chaffin.

W4 Ranch is committed to the Hereford breed. With over 700 cows, the ranch offers registered and commercial breeders top quality animals. We host two sales each year: the third Saturday in April and the 3rd Friday in October. If you would like to receive our catalog, please join our mailing list.

In addition to producing their own cattle, W4 Ranch has purchased cattle from many other breeders including Weldon Edwards, Westmoreland Cattle, Lee Campbell, K74, the Coopers, the Holdens, Churchill and Marvin Berry.

After purchasing the K74 herd in 2002 to enhance the genetics of the W4 herd, the ranch is focusing on producing future generations of quality Hereford cattle.